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Devorah gives you a formula on how to really take control of your life and remember that YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT OF YOUR LIFE! If any of you want to just get more happiness on a daily basis or... We all have dreams, and if you want to get there, she is the shaliach!

Shany P.



In this 5 part series we dive deeply into the world of thought and thinking through the clear lens of Torah Kabbalah. We get a clear understanding of how our thoughts can be used to our greatest asset as well as our most dangerous detriment. We learn the power our thinking patterns have on our relationships, financial security, health, spiritual endeavors, parenthood and more.. As you go through these facts based, spiritually modeled classes you will naturally arrive at the understanding that having the life you desire begins first and foremost in the quality of your thinking- the thoughts you CHOOSE to have and actions you take that usually go hand in hand with those thoughts.

The goal of these classes are to bring you into full awareness of your power! The power YOU already have in creating the life you truly want and desire! You will learn how to use this gift of Machshava (thought patterns) to bring about the experiences and results you desire out of life!

We will delve deeply into the following concepts together, apply the techniques to our lives & see them take positive effect immediately!

1) What is the "Law of Attraction" based on a Kabbalistic perspective?

How to abstain from negative thinking and how to begin training the mind to work for us and not vise versa!!

2) The subconscious mind and how to effectively reprogram it in a way that will allow you to begin manifesting that which you want to experience! 


3) Affirmations - what they are and how they work?

Understanding your internal dialogue and how it affects the life you are currently living..

You will learn a step by step process to a new practice of self talk and self fulfilling prophecies.. 

4) Exploring the tremendous power of gratitude and its enormous effects on the entirety of our lives.

5) Empowering and Limiting Beliefs.. We will learn to pick out the negating, self sabotaging thought patterns that prohibit us from fully living from our highest selves!

6) Finally, we will learn about the most potent tool of all, The Third Eye - העין השלישית! We will understand its powerful effects on the person that chooses to use it in their spiritual practice of thought purification and mind training. 



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