Breakthrough II is a 6 part series on the power of YOUR VISION! 

Kabbalah teaches that the level of success and accomplishment we will attain in our lives is ENTIRELY based on the way we perceive and therefore interact with life and the experiences we have in it. 

It goes deeper & explains that in fact everything boils down to how we interpret the interactions and the situations we find ourselves in time and time again..

Ein Ha'Bdolach translated to mean Crystal Eye - the Torah describes this eye as the eye that can bring about everything good or G-d forbid turn everything good away.. 

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Wayne Dyer



-How to become balanced and truly happy in yourself without depending on external factors

-How to stop the negative addiction to the wrong people and experiences in your life?

-Why is it that I stay stuck in loops of behavior and feel unfulfilled or bored with my current experience of life?

-The Mind/Body connection -  How is my body directly affected by negative memories and unhealed pain/traumas?

-How do I detox emotionally and get rid of negative emotions I carry around or have buried inside in order to feel better all around and attract better experiences?

-How do I end the cycle of "not having what I need" and become a recipient of everything G-d wants to give me.

-Anger, Anxiety, sadness and the need for control, what is your soul trying to tell you?

-The Zohar's secret passage way into the subconscious mind and how using a simple method can unleash your greatness, repair difficult relationships and restart your life!

"Through this learning, you have helped me affect the way I eat, the way I sleep, the way I think and feel. I use the information to try to help people . I can’t get enough!
This knowledge has nothing on my anxiety medication.

Not funny but funny :)  

It’s an electric shock to the soul.
Thank you doesn’t suffice!"



4 Video classes & 2 Audios

8 hours of powerfully practical information/techniques that will enable you to HEAL your emotional wounds and uncover the BEST version of yourself!

One on One session with Devorah

20% off Life-Coaching session with Devorah to all Breakthrough particpants 

 Detailed Source Sheets 

PDF source sheets , clearly explaining the formula to

Ein Habdolach 

The life Changing formula to health and success

Lifetime access to the classes

Download the classes and source sheets onto your device to keep refreshing the teachings and have them forever!

Breakthrough II New york

February 2019 

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