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July 5


This program is vegetarian, thats right,
no animal products for 2 weeks!
Once you give Your body a rest from heavy digestion, you allow for the older "stuff" to leave Your system & with it harsh bacteria and toxins..! 
The initial weight lost is not fat, its undigested foods that are backed up in our colon, once that's cleared out, we begin to feel and look YOUNGER, more energized, emotionally calmer and mentally clear. 
With a "clean slate" we begin to eat foods that are nourishing and healing for our bodies & minds!
THE AMAZING RESULTS YOU'LL EXPERIENCE IN 2 WEEKS TIME can take up to 6 months to accomplish on your own! 





OK so how’d you do?

Did you answer yes to even one or two of the above symptoms?

If so, that’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re functioning in a “STUCK” state… from being over-toxified, clogged, weighed down, and imbalanced.

Spiritual Detox

Part Two:

The thing that stands out most about this program in comparison to other similar programs, is its unique focus on the mind and thoughts of the person undergoing the physical changes during the detox. 

We learn from kabbalah that when a person is able to take a small step outside their comfort zone and do things differently then they are accustomed to - they open themselves up to receiving more SHEFA - abundance/ direction / Siyata Dismaya from above. 

During the detox, while you are thoroughly cleansing your body, & removing toxins from your cells - you will come to feel so much more energized and clear minded- & it is during this time that real change, deliberate thinking and self actualization can begin to take place!

During each of the 4 phases of the detox you will receive a shopping list, menu and a special class given by Devorah on how to move through the detox in the most expansive and mindful way.

This program was designed for people looking for a major jump start / restart to their overall system & life! 



The circumstances of life begin to change, just as soon as you do! 



July 5, 2020

All you have to do is order your Juice Plus Capsules to Sign Up

R' Nachman teaches;

"Do teshuvah on your body before you do it on your soul"!

Watch this 2 minute inspiration on detoxing!

Your Coach

Over the course of the 14 days, the group will be guided by  Devorah Sisso 

Devorah has years of experience in the realm of health and wellness - gaining most of her knowledge on clean eating & its affects on the mind and body from her Mentor and Rabbi

HaRav Yuval Asherov who specializes in alternative medicine sourced in Kabbalah &

Chinese Medicine

Devorah's expertise are in the realm of the Spiritual / Emotional development and its connection to  the foods we consume. 


"I look forward to guiding you on BREAKTHROUGH BODY as you move along your own personal journey towards health & healing!"

Breakthrough Body Alumni

These ladies were apart of a larger group,  together they shed over 100 lbs!
Each one felt a big shift in her overall health and energy levels!

Listen to Devorah's interview with the
"Jewish Oprah" of today, Yael Trusch,
on the topic of
Breakthrough Body - 14 day body & mind detox!
yael trush BB podcast cover.jpg

A bit about my personal experience with detoxing.

Reebe Nachman teaches; One must do teshuvah on their body before they do it on their soul!
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