Thank you for signing up to Breakthrough II

You are moments  away from experiencing some real amazing, life altering kabbalistic teachings that will change the way you live your life and even better change the way you feel in your life from good to wow! 😀

Before I give you all the details and information to the course, I would like to backtrack and share with you where all this began..

I have been deep in the world of healing the mind (The Nefesh) and the amazing outcomes of that work.. I was living and teaching that work (and still do) but as I was deepening that awareness - I began to hit a wall & that wall was me..

I've always wanted to live in full alignment with what I was teaching, which was the power of positive thinking and how worry and fear create more things to fear and worry about and how breaking negative thinking patterns is the ticket to a real breakthrough in life etc.. And while I was working all the steps of Breakthrough 1  (which is my first course on Koach Hamachshava - the power of thoughts and their magnetic force in our lives) I found that while I was much happier and more connected to myself and G-d then ever before, whenever I would be faced with a trigger, I would slide back and react instead of being in control.. For example,whenever I was in a situation like with my kids not listening, family judging, bills piling up, making a big life decision etc.. I would fall back into fear and worry or anger and self pity etc..

The exact emotions I thought I was uprooting from their source would pop back up, despite the endless information I knew of their poison and years of practice I had under my belt..

Something was missing and I knew that I needed to find that piece that would fully put me on the path of change and self development.. I wanted to be REALLY change to the point where my triggers would no longer be triggers, and I could go through life responding to "stuff" in a calm and mindful way..I didn't like the person I was when I was stressed and scared or angry and annoyed..

I was determined to change my patterns of reactivity.. To make a long and windy story short - I began practicing "עין הבדולח" aka Breakthrough 2 and while I don't believe in magic, this work felt magical.. 

I practiced its steps over and over again, and every time I did, I felt more and more connected to myself, loving and connecting more to the people in my life and those I wasn't fully able to connect to up until then. More importantly my "triggers" were not very triggering anymore.. All of the weight and heaviness that I felt whenever faced with one, was gone and replaced with a REAL sense of calm...  I was and still am constantly moved to tears and grateful to Hashem beyond words for this knowledge and the ability to use it and see how it heals me more and more everyday.

My life and the lives of the women who have taken this course have changed dramatically and I know this will change yours too!

Everything you will learn is sourced in Torah kabbalah - the information is deep and practical and easy to apply!

Are you getting excited?! I'm so excited for you!!😀

I'm really looking forward to going on this incredible journey with you, and I cant wait for this work to add so much more color and meaning back into the amazing life your already living! :)

With all my 💓,


© Devorah Sisso
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