A 6-part life changing, self-empowerment series specifically tailored for women, in Teleconference or Live Group format.

Learn the tools to BREAK THROUGH the barriers that keep you stuck in life.


Walk away with the tools to develop



Drawing on a wide range of Torah sources, this course discusses the power of your mind and how to train it in order to draw the things you truly want into your life - things like financial stability, love, good relationships, good health, etc. By following the mind and soul exercises that will be assigned during the course, you will learn to quiet your mind and find peace with your past, present, and future. Learn how to effectively reduce your stress and anxiety, as well as how to create that deep connection with Hashem, yourself, and your loved ones through the development of an attitude of constant gratitude. The course will conclude with a discussion on prayer and hisbodedus, and the way to apply the tools you learned throughout the course for the rest of your soon-to-be amazing life!

*BREAKTHROUGH was previously known as the Emunah Teleconference.


Unique Benefits of the Course

  • Direct support and guidance from Devorah.

  • Unlimited access to all class recordings, online and/or over the phone line, and option to download for listening even after the course.

  • Optional participation in a class Whatsapp group where you can meet your classmates, and discuss ideas and homework with them.

  • Specially designed mind and soul exercises.

  • Specially prepared source sheets outlining the topics covered.

Course Details

  • Course is for women only.

  • Dates for next cycle are from September 5 to September 26, 2016*

  • (For Elul round) 7 classes live on the phone every Monday and Thursday evenings at 8:30pm. All classes will be recorded and all participants will have access to the recordings - normally only 6 classes!

  • Classes will be 45 minutes to an hour long.

* If you are not available but would like to be informed of future cycles, please click the "Sign Up Now" button for your specific form.

Course Cost: $100
or sign up with a buddy for $180 - save $10 each!



Form your own group of 15-20 women at your home, shul, or community, and we'll take care of the rest.


Or check to see if you can join any groups with openings.

Course Cost: $250 per participant, inclusive of class materials.


I just fulfilled a life long dream of mine and completed a Dona international doula course. It's something I've been wanting to do for so long but don't think would've happened without Devorah's course... Watch video

Chaya B.

According to recent studies 1 out of every 6 or 8 couples suffers from infertility. I was one of them. After a first failed fertility cycle, I signed up for Devorah's course ... And now here I am sitting 8 months pregnant, transitioning from fertility Dr to obgyn ... I wanted it, I believed in it, and Hashem made it happen. Devorah gave me the skills to be able to handle the hurdles thrown at me in life ... Read full story

Ronna G.

So, I consider myself a Devorah 'groupie' or the Torah equivalent, I got so inspired by her videos and decided that I was making her my "Rebbe". At that point a lot of things in my life were on hold - dating, parnassah, and I decided to take three months to seriously focus on this work ... I took an Emunah Teleconference and kept going with the work, though to be honest, I haven't been as focused lately, because one month in to my program I met the most amazing guy I would never have thought I would be lucky enough to be with, have been able to step into a whole new amazing life I would not have been able to imagine if I tried...  and now we're getting married next month :) ... Read full story

Leah S.

This Course is changing my life!!! The information is UNREAL!!! I have never learned any of this even with my 14 years of Bais Yaakov education. This is changing the way I am relating to Hashem, others and mainly myself!!. I feel like I have gotten tools that are majorly improving my tefilla, my thought process, and my over all perspective on life, thank you so much!! I HIGHLY recommend every Jewish woman to learn this course with you!! Thank you again!!

Y. R.

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