Drawing on a wide range of Torah sources, this course discusses the power of your mind and how to train it in order to draw the things you truly want into your life - things like financial stability, love, good relationships, good health, etc. By following the mind and soul exercises that will be assigned during the course, you will learn to quiet your mind and find peace with your past, present, and future. Learn how to effectively reduce your stress and anxiety, as well as how to create that deep connection with Hashem, yourself, and your loved ones through the development of an attitude of constant gratitude. The course will conclude with a discussion on prayer and hisbodedus, and the way to apply the tools you learned throughout the course for the rest of your soon-to-be amazing life!


*BREAKTHROUGH was previously known as the Emunah Teleconference.


Class 1: What is Emunah?

Class 2: Your Mind, Your Magnet

Class 3: Affirmations - Making IT Happen!

Class 4: Gratitude - The Key to Attracting Blessing

Class 5: Limiting and Empowering Beliefs

Class 6: The Total Game Changer: HISBODEDUS

I just fulfilled a life long dream of mine and completed a Dona international doula course. It's something I've been wanting to do for so long but don't think would've happened without Devorah's course... Watch video.” 

Chaya B.

Live group meet up


BREAKTHROUGH was a 6-part teleconference series (and occasional live group) offered by Devorah from November 2015 until September 2016. This time, we are offering you the chance to experience the course by giving you access to recordings of the best 6 BREAKTHROUGH classes given. The rest of the details are the same, and will be explained below:


Course Details

  • Course is now open for women AND men.

  • Start TODAY and receive access to all recordings instantly! There are no live classes.

  • Classes will be 45 minutes to an hour long, a total of 6 classes. Estimated time to commit is 1 hr per week.

  • Each class comes with its respective source sheet and homework.

  • Get access to Devorah via email, where she will be available to discuss your questions with, etc.

Course Cost: $75

Or sign up with a buddy and save $10 each - $65!


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