Absolutely Feminine Gift Invitation

Hello there! I am extremely honored you shared your time with me today to listen to my interview with Chana. I would love if you got in touch with me and told me what struck you the most after listening!


Also as my thank you, I have these gifts prepared for you! Feel free to avail of just one, or all!

Learn with me

As mentioned in my interview, you are most welcome to join my Whatsapp groups!

I currently have expanded and am already running 2 - one for the parsha, and one for shmiras halashon! Learn more about them and join on my Whatsapp groups page .

Surprise Gift!

As a valued listener of mine, you are entitled to 40% off a one-on-one

life coaching session with me!

We all need a mentor, someone to help us look at our lives from the outside and point out things we may not be able to see ourselves - or are not willing to admit to ourselves.
We all need that someone who is honest with us and believes in us, and pushes us to grow and grow and grow.
It would be my honor and pleasure to help you look at your own life objectively, and work with you to take your life to the next level regardless of where you are now. 
There is ALWAYS more room to grow and expand! And together, we will work to make your life incredible - because, yes -
You deserve an incredible life. :)

Offer valid to schedules booked on or before February 28, 2017

(Actual date of the session can be aftewards)

And by the way -

if you are interested in learning more about me and what I do,

I highly recommend checking out my Get Started page. :)

Looking forward to learning together more,


Schedule a Life Coaching Session 

Cost: $60 for 50 minutes*

*Original price $100 for 50 minutes

After selecting your schedule, please make sure to Proceed to Payment!

Proceed to Payment:

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