Climbing the Mountain

I am extremely excited to introduce my 8-part series, "Climbing the Mountain."  The course will all be ONLINE with the material emailed to you. The classes will cover an entire range, namely:


  • The Energy and Power of the Month of Adar

  • The Spiritual Force of Purim

  • How to Tap into the PURIM Force - Where to Put Our Minds

  • Nissan - Breaking Free and preparing for personal redemption

  • Pesach - Magic's in the Air!

  • Sefirat HaOmer, what's in the count?

  • The Deep FIRE OF Lag BaOmer

  • Shavuot: Arriving at the Mountain


Yes - aaaaall these are included in the course, and all the classes will be brand new!! It will be an incredible journey, and your experience of these holidays will be beyond anything you can possibly imagine! Learn not only each holiday individually but how they all tie together to each other AND to your life. 

Why take this course?


Because you don't need to "act out" your holidays the same way you always have - it's time to change it up, and be excited about them again - because if you only knew the energies and possibilities and OPPORTUNITIES tied up to these times, you'd never see or treat them the same way again. ;)


Sign up below to be part of our list. Once you sign up, you will receive your first free class which was released last March 5th!


Afterward, you will have the option to pay the course fee of $50 to continue receiving the next 7 classes as each chag approaches, or to simply stop receiving the rest of the emails, no commitments necessary

For any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at or use my contact page. You can also check the section below for frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the $50 a one-time fee, or per class?

A: The $50 course fee is inclusive of ALL seven classes (plus free first class, of course)


Q: When do I pay?

A: After the first class.

Q: If I sign up late, will I still receive all previous classes in the series?

A: Yes.


Q: When exactly will I receive the next 7 classes?

A: We are still working on the exact release dates of each class, but generally some time before the chag itself. If you sign up to our Climbing the Mountain mailing list, you will receive the updates straight to your email. 

Q: How long will each class be?

A: About 30-45 minutes each.


Q: How long do I have after the first class to decide to continue?

A: You can decide to sign up and pay course fee anytime up until Shavuos, but the sooner you sign up, the better your experience will be since you will receive the classes in time for the appropriate holiday.

© Devorah Sisso
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