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Pesach Efforts

קמחא דפסחא​

Pesach is an extremely special time when families come together to celebrate our nation's freedom and redemption.
But there are many today "enslaved" by the burdens cast upon them - single mothers, orphans, and widows - people who barely have enough to get by day by day, let alone enough to celebrate this holiday.
This Pesach, let us Reach Redemption TOGETHER! This is not only a holiday for those who can afford it - it is for all Jews!
Please join me as I support the following causes to help make this vision a reality. Anything you can share will be highly appreciated!
Tizku l'mitvzos, and a happy and kosher Pesach!

Single Mothers in Israel

 - A personal initiative of a very good friend of mine based in Bet Shemesh
- Helps single mothers and children or other women suffering poverty without spousal input such as women and children in marriages who are dealing with emotionally handicapped or mentally ill men
- Currently targeting to help 50 women, but more requests come in daily
- Need a minimum of $30,000 for Pesach, of which only 10% (approx.) has already been raised
Donations can be made via check payable to and mailed to the following:
In the US:

Congregation Bnei Yerushalayim (please write Pesach in note/memo of check)

1 Kaufman Ct.

Monsey, NY  10952

In Israel: 
(please add אם בישראל on check)

Keren L'bodedot
30/12 Chazon Ish Street
Bet Shemesh 99572

קרן לבודדות

רחוב חזון איש 30/12

בית שמש, 99572



Widows and Orphans Pesach Project

 - Founded 14 years ago by the tzaddik Rav Asher Freund zt"l
- Program offers very needy widows and orphans a warm, homey and supportive environment
- Every Pesach, 475 people enjoy 8 days full board (stay for the entire Yom Tov)
- Program is conducted by a 30-people volunteer staff, including chefs
- Need a minimum of $320,000 for the costs of running this program.
Here are two short videos about the organization and the program:



Donations can be made via check payable to Yad Ezrah and mailed to:


U.S. Friends of Yad Ezrah

12A North Airmont Road

Suffern NY, 10901

or donate via PayPal on http://www.yadezrah.org.il/donate.php
For any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach me at info@devorahspeaks.com or use my contact page.