Can we talk about LOVE for a sec.?

Loving yourself means that YOU are the center of your attention.. As long as your checking in with yourself often, making sure that your self image and thoughts about yourself are caring and kind only then will you naturally attract like minded people, kind and caring ones that know how to show their love and allow others to love them as well..

Remember we attract what we ARE! LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!

Begin by speaking kindly to yourself, think good thoughts and stand guard to the dark, negative thoughts that are shaping and creating your every day reality. You'll begin to feel better, you'll be alot more lovable to your spouse, your parent /children etc..

It goes hand in hand.. You see, when the Torah explains to us that we must love another just as we love ourselves , the message is a very loud and clear one.. It says, love between you and another is going to be completely dependent on how much love you have for yourself!

Our relationship with others is only going to be as good as our relationship with our -selves!!!


In this video, I gave a few good tips on how to actually and practically create self love when it's lacking..

cuz CHANGE, that's what it's all about! ;)

© Devorah Sisso
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