Greatest Investment...

I know that one day soon I will miss hearing them play and sing and fight and even kvetch.. One day the loves of my life, the ones I live for and would do anything for, will grow up and have a vibrant life of their own, plz G-d.. I remind myself when my nerves are shot and my patience has run out, that these times will soon be over, and then when they are I will miss them oh so much😪.. In the race of life, its easiest to take those closest for granted and give whatever else the majority of our time and energy.. Sometimes everything were searching for is right there before our eyes, waiting patiently for us to take notice of what's there and what's been there all along.. #DontWaitTillItsTooLate.. #cherishthenow #lovewithoutconditions #GreatestInvestment #takealotofpictures ;)

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