I owe her my life!

My journey started long before I came to this world.. (as does all of ours) .. My grandmother had her hand in making sure I would be here today.. She was a woman who fought for life, her entire lifetime.. She miraculously escaped the concentration camps with two infants ( who she had to bury along the way, as one died of starvation and the other of hypothermia).. After the intense suffering and pain of seeing her parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, brothers in law etc.. all die in the war, she kept going, bribing the courts in Siberia with apples and chocolate G-d only knows what she had to go through to get her hands on that) to release my grandfather from a 10 year sentence there..

They fled together to Israel and rebuilt their lives here.. She was a strong, loving and dedicated woman, who worked from 5am till evening everyday to provide for my mother and her siblings.. My parents wanted very badly to have a large family, but times were hard and when the possibility of terminating a pregnancy came into question my grandmother fought on my behalf.. (phew😅) .. She passed suddenly on Rosh Chodesh Shvat (today's Hebrew date).. I was born 18 days later.. (18= chai= life in numerical value) Although I never met her , I have a deep love and appreciation for who she was and what she went through as she never complained about her troubles , her pain , her traumas.. She had clear values, to be a pillar of strength and love for her husband and children. My deepest desire in this world is to walk in her brave footsteps, and stand firm not breaking or bending to the difficulties that life has a way of presenting, but rather rise above it all and be a advocate for life, in every way that I can..

לעלוי נשמת דבורה דורה בת ניסן ת.נ.צ.ב.ה

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