Rosh Chodesh Iyar, in my bomb shelter..

The energies we have all just stepped into yesterday - this month of Iyar, are ones of tremendous healing, deep insight and Chochma -knowledge.. The Zohar teaches that this incredible month of Iyar is one that ushers in with it healing, restoration, health to the world and to every individual that is tapped in enough to know how to receive from that light..

It is not complicated to be a recipient of bracha, blessings.. The formula for receiving good is simple.. The Ari'zal teaches that in essence the way we understand our relationship to G-d is really a mirror of the relationship we have with ourselves.. Because G-d is unconditional.. let that sink in a bit.. 📷;) You don't need to be anything for G-d to love you as much as He does the most observant holy Jew.. He doesn't need you to be anything for Him, You are everything already..

Just imagine this, there is a hugh waterfall in front of you and you are so thirsty, all you want is to drink, so you come as close as possible, but you just cant seem to get water in your mouth.. The current is too strong.. You begin to look around for a bottle or even a cup and as your filling your vessels your happy knowing that your thirst is just about to be quenched.. (Don't you love that feeling? When your so thirsty and you finally get to that bottle of water, ahhh 📷:) )

That's exactly how it works in life with G-d and ourselves, Hashem is a constant non stop endless stream of giving abundance, all the good we want, like feeling happy in our hearts, fulfilled in our jobs, loved by our surroundings, successful at our attempts, healthy, energetic, excited about our lives, our unknown futures etc.. etc.. is being poured into creation and into YOUR life on a moment to moment basis!!

The very expected question then is "if that's the case, if G-d is so loving and giving then why are things not "working out" for me?

Lets re-frame that question, because as we all know- OUR WORDS, they create and define, they map out the next course of events in our lives .. Its usually "not working out" for the person who's allowing his self doubt and fears get the better of him.. "Things not working" is not a state of being, although it can feel that way sometimes, "things not working" is the by product of fears, self doubt & limiting beliefs..

The real question then is, what "vessels" do I use, that I'm clearly not using, in order to receive from the ABUNDANCE of that "waterfall" ? Where do I find vessels, because in the parable, those were what helped me to feel that relief and satiation..


The vessels are called Keilim - כלים, and all the blessings man desires in his lifetime are referred to in the Zohar as אור - light..Every time you create a vessel you instantly draw more light, more goodness, more shefa to yourself.. Its like the second you have that cup in hand, its just a matter of moments before you know your about to drink..


Vessels are formed by our words and actions.. Acts such as blessing our foods, giving tzedaka- charity, helping a friend or relative, being sensitive with another's feelings, praying, excersing, eating well, treating ourselves kindly, going out of our way for another with joy, coming out of comfort zones & old habits of thinking and speaking etc.. etc.. These and more create vessels which draw down the abundance..

If you feel like things are harder then they need to be- this month, right now, these energies have come in perfect time, to help heal our broken vessels and fill us up with life and vitality!

The code that explains how everything works, the map leading to the treasure is very clear in its directions to it.. KEEP CREATING VESSELS, STRUCTURE LIFE FROM THE INSIDE OUT - TODAY TAKE ONE STEP OUT OF ANY ONE OF YOUR COMFORTS, DO SOMETHING YOU DON'T USUALLY DO ( something good of course 📷:) , give, love, smile, overcome your knee jerk reactions, be kinder to yourself and to others, take a few seconds to look up at the sky, breath and thank G-d for this moment..

When you begin to live from the "inside out" busy creating vessels - you no longer feel "why are things not working for me?"..

Your FEELING that things are indeed working out ( even when their not) and you feel thankful and grateful and trusting of every moment..

May it be a Chodesh Tov, one full of healing, love and clarity, knowledge, deep connection to self and to the Source of where everything good emanates..

© Devorah Sisso
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