Sleep? lets talk about that..

Lets talk about sleep for a minute.. In the entrepreneurship world you hear alot of talk around the idea of going to sleep late and waking up early.. Put in as much work, sweat and tears and about 4-6 years later you'll begin to see some fruit.. While I understand the message of hard work and no excuses and the message of getting out of the comfort zones which keep a person small and unfulfilled, I must make a mention of something uber important! SLEEP IS AS CRUCIAL AS OUR WAKING HOURS! Our Holy zohar teaches that the most potent hours of sleep are between the emergence of the stars (צאת הכוכבים) and midnight ( חצות לילה) .. Those hours impact our brains and conciousness twice as much as any other time of night.. That means that any sleep you get between the hours of 8:15 pm and midnight is doubled in quality and effectivness.. ( these times change based on where you live and time of year, check to find your times)

The point is that we NEED sleep, in healthy amounts and ideally at the "healthiest" times.. Sleep is healing for our bodies and minds ( and souls, BIGTIME😴😴).. It reduces stress levels, improves memory, keeps your heart healthy, balances moods etc.. all the very important things we need to be better creatives and happy people.. :)

Sometimes letting go a bit, is actually THE MOST effective thing you can do on your way to greatness and success!😉

© Devorah Sisso
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