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Support Challah for Chava!

September 25, 2016

Last Sunday, September 18th, my dear friend Chava was on the way to a wedding with her family when a trailor tracktor unexpectedly rammed into their car. The collision was so severe they had to be airlifted out of the scene. Chava and her parents were able to hold on and stabilize after their surgeries but her brother, unfortunately, did not make it. You can read about the accident in this article.


It has so far been one week. Since then, Chava has had three surgeries, and more to come. Her brother was buried last Wednesday, and is finally at peace with Hashem. It's been a very difficult time for the family and their close friends but with the help of our prayers, their healing is on the way, iyH. Thank you all so much for standing with us in unity and showing how beautiful the Jewish nation is when we all pray together.


Since the night of the accident, several women have entrusted me money that I would be using on the family's behalf for tzedakah. With that money collected, we have organized a large evening of hisorerus awakening in Hollywood, Florida, with a live FB streaming. We will have an hafrashas challah, talk by me, and singing and dancing for the sweetening of the judgement on Chava bat Chana, Chana bat Messody, Meir Nissim ben Simy, and for the aliya of the neshama of Moshe Yanik Machluf Chanania ben Meir Nissim.


This will all be taking place THIS TUESDAY, September 27, 8pm. If you would want to donate and be a part of this upcoming, beautiful event, CLICK HERE. Any amount will do and be very much appreciated. If you need help with that, I would be glad to assist. If you are interested in helping out another way, I would greatly appreciate if you could please help spread the word!