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"With All Your Heart" interview series with Chana Deutsch!

February 2, 2017


Are you looking for more connection in your marriage?

Do you feel like  your  dating situation is hopeless?

Do you spend so much effort working on your relationships and,  yet,  not feel  as if  you are really getting anywhere?

Do you struggle to understand how to apply your Jewish learning to these questions and wonder  whether  the secular advice  you hear  is fitting with Torah teachings?

There is  an overwhelming amount of  information and "helpful advice"  out  there when it comes to self-improvement and relationships.  Everyone seems to be talking about the topics of dating, relationships,  and marriage,  sharing studies and insights into what  you should do to  improve  your love life.  

But how do you take all of this advice and make it practical in your life as a Jewish woman?  

Can you  really  live and love differently  simply  from learning or hearing about these ideas?  

The truth is that simply hearing or reading about what to do is not enough to really change yourself or relationship. To make a REAL change, you need guidance from people who are not simply talking about what to do, but who can teach you  how  to apply it in a way that is practical and aligned with Torah values.

This is why my friend and colleague, Chana Deutsch, has created the "With All Your Heart – A Jewish Woman's Path to Experiencing Joy and Fulfillment in Love"  FREE  virtual interview series!   

Chana has invited over twenty of today's female Jewish experts on the topics of Torah, marriage and dating to share practical and life-changing tools that can be applied instantly to bring more connection and intimacy into your life – and I am honored to have been  invited as one of the  featured speakers! My interview airs this Monday, February 6th!

If you are ready to receive real, applicable, and Torah-centered relationship advice, all you have to do