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My Poland Trip Highlights

March 26, 2017

Last March 15-21, 2017 I had the incredible opportunity to lead a group of women through Eastern Europe. Throughout the trip, I posted updates on my Facebook page. I shared pictures, and many times went on Facebook live to share my experience in real-time.


I took all of these and put up on my website to share with anyone else who may want to see them! So should you be interested, head on over to http://www.devorahspeaks.com/poland2017


We went to such incredible places! To name a few, we visited 

- the first Bais Yaakov at the home of Sara Schneirer
- the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex
- the remains of the ghetto in Warsaw
- and the Majdanek concentration camp

We also got the incredible opportunity to daven at the kever of the Noam Elimelech in Lizhensk on his yartzeit!

And I also ended up taking a surprise trip at the very end ... to Uman!


It would be my honor and pleasure to share with you the experience I had, so feel free to check out that webpage. If anything struck you, do visit my contact page or send me an email at info@devorahspeaks.com and tell me about it.

These 7 days in Poland taught me so, so much not only about our history as a people, but about myself and what I could be. In the midst of others trying to bring our people down low were incredible displays of us still soaring - in the midst of the death camps were yeshivas, bais yaakov schools, and kevarim of tzaddikim. Truly, what other nation is like ours?! AM ISRAEL CHAI!!




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