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Catch Me on the JLP Podcast!

June 20, 2017

I am so excited to share with everyone my first Podcast interview! 




The show was officially aired yesterday and here is how Yael, the host, described it:

"... In the interview we talk about Breakthrough, which is a program specifically designed to help strengthen our emunah (faith) to achieve personal growth. And wait till you hear how Devorah defines emunah for us – it's not as simplistic as you might think and once you understand this definition, you can really take on the driver seat of your life. As Devorah tells us in the interview there's no quick fix, but certainly plenty of things we can do and we should be doing if we want to achieve our full potential. You'll love the two things that she habitually works on as well as her words of wisdom regarding Shalom Bayit- peace in the home, Parenting and Personal Finance." 

"... One of the things that makes Devorah so great and which you'll hopefully get a sense of, from today's interview, is that she herself is constantly practicing what she preaches. She's been in challenging situations in which she sees, "wait I'm sort of in a rot here, something's got to change," so when she's teaching us or talking to us she feels so very authentic and relatable."  

Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you get to hear it - and do consider checking out her other episodes as well, they're great. ;)