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The Global Geulah Summit 2019

June 28, 2019

I am extremely excited to be on the roster of the Global Geulah Summit 2019 speakers! I, among others, will be speaking about geulah not only about for the world, but what a PERSONAL GEULAH looks like. Read more details about the event below:



Our world is changing in so many ways. And many of us are feeling personally challenged and frightened by that change. Why do people act the way they do now? Why do SOCIETIES act the way they do now? Will we ever come to a point of peaceful harmony again??

But... what if you knew that many of these changes were predicted by the Torah thousands of years ago, and that according to the Torah, they presage the unfolding of new human potential and a world of Heaven on Earth?


Tapping into that new potential is what the Global Geula Summit, Activating Your Purpose in Extraordinary Times, is all about.