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Riding the Waves: the Jewish Months

Each Jewish month comes with a specific "spiritual power" built into it - an aspect of spirituality that is stronger at that time than any other time of the year. By understanding these months and their powers, you can take advantage of them and allow yourself to be carried along by the "waves" of their spiritual potential. You will also walk away understanding why each holiday had to happen in the exact month that they did.

Topic Outline:

  • What is the significance of the Jewish lunisolar calendar?

  • What are the specific spiritual "waves" of each Jewish month?

  • How are holidays related to the months they happen in?

  • How can we tap into these, and apply them into our daily lives?


Drawing on a wide range of Torah sources, the class discusses the power of your mind and how to train it in order to draw the things you truly want into your life - things like financial stability, love, good relationships, good health, etc. You will learn to quiet your mind and find peace with your past, present, and future. Learn how to effectively reduce your stress and anxiety, as well as how to create that deep connection with Hashem, yourself, and your loved ones through the development of an attitude of constant gratitude.

Note: Also available as a 6-part Series. Click here for more.

Topic Outline:

  • What is Emunah, and how do you develop it?

  • What exercises can you do to keep your Emunah healthy?

  • How can building Emunah attract the things you want into your life?

  • How does Emunah relate with hishtadlus?

  • What is the importance of feeling grateful?


My Way Back

Reaching into her own history of being a baalas teshuva, Devorah tells the story of how she became the first religious Jew in her family after multiple generations. Beginning from when she first realized she was a Jew when she was in fourth grade public school up until where she is today, Devorah's own story is a testament to the incredible fullness and beauty of choosing to live a life of Torah.

Topic Outline:

  • The concept of "Spiritual DNA"

  • The meaningfulness of choosing to live a life of Torah

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